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Apr '11

Meet Johnnie Hillwalker

Today we went for yet another walk around Kyoto, only this time, we would have a guide to lead us. Before the tour started an old man walked up to us and asked us where we were from. “Holland”, this made him very pleased. He told us he was happy to finally meet some foreign […]

Apr '11

For real, or just a prank?

Yesterday evening I wrote the last post. In the post of today I will describe what actually happened when we went out to get our dinner. After locking our hotel room we got in the lift to get to the first floor. We got into our shoes (since in the hotel it is not allowed […]

Apr '11

Last few days

Hello again. This is a very short post about the stuff that happened after we got back from that night we ate so much weird things. We got the Shinkanser superexpress from Osaka to Kyoto and we have been residing there ever since. When we first arrived in Kyoto I wrote thet last blogpost. From […]