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Mar '11

Leisure suit equiped!

This morning, to our luck, we woke up again. I mean, it would be quite sad if we didn’t. Anyway, after waking up and sleeping in again, we woke up once more. This time we would get ready for quite a slow pacing day. We only had one item on our list, this was to […]

Mar '11

Iwakuni and it’s treasures

Today We went to Iwakuni, a little village 40km to the south of Hiroshima. We could get there by 2 different trains and each one of them would get us to a different side of Iwakuni.Since Sybren did the planning nothing was really planned, just a global idea of how to get there. To get […]

Mar '11

Hiroshima’s Treasures

Well, the day started out as any other day. We got up, took a shower and headed downstairs for breakfast. For breakfast we had roasted salmon, rice, sausages, bacon, croissants and some things we don’t know. Sybren also had miso-soup, which is a Japanese tofu soup. After we finished our breakfast we got ready to […]

Mar '11

Hiroshima, first impression.

Today we had a travel day. We traveled all the way from our hotel in Tokyo to our next hotel in Hiroshima, where we will be enjoying our stay for 4 days. During our travel we thought of an excercise for you guys and girls. We made an achievement list for things we will be […]