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Apr '11

Last few days

Hello again.

This is a very short post about the stuff that happened after we got back from that night we ate so much weird things.

We got the Shinkanser superexpress from Osaka to Kyoto and we have been residing there ever since.

When we first arrived in Kyoto I wrote thet last blogpost. From that point on we have been walking all around Kyoto to see what it has to offer.
We found a few arcade halls, a few shrines and temples and a curry bar that has a leveling system in the menu.

In the arcade halls Marcel got to play a lot of pop ‘n music games. In between the arcade halls we happened to pass quite a few shops. Most of them were clothing shops.

Yesterday (3rd of April) we got to see Kyoto Castle. Finally a castle that was still standing, for 400 years. Sadly, this castle did not have a main tower and thus making it much less impressive to the eye. But now for once we got to see where the people would sleep, train, eat, welcome guests, etc.

Today we did some laundry and walked around town some more. We happened to pass by an old temple that is still in use. As we got in they started a ceremony. Not much to say about that. As little we understood, we just got an impression of what this temple was like. Another part of the temple ground had a lot of chairs and it seemed like a play would start soon. But seeing who were in the audience we decided not to sit this out. The audience consisted only of women.

We headed to the Nintendo HQ, Sybren had an achievement running to ring the bell and run away.
After watching the gate for a few minutes Sybren got to the conclusion it would not be really impressive to ring the bell at the gate and run away. And it would not get anything near enjoying for people at home to see. Only if he would do something illegal and get arrested. However, this was not on his list. Marcel agreed.
We even tried to get some co-operation form the guards to make it at least look like fun. This failed, because they did not speak English.
We passed by the panasonic HQ, same story.

After some A LOT more walking around town and entering just one new arcade hall, we got back to our apartment and got a little rest before heading out for dinner again.

That is all.

Walking, a lot of it! (~60km of walking over the last 3 days)


4 comments to “Last few days”

  1. ria Says:

    lots of arcades.no achievements?
    maybe I should suggest another achievement.
    What about a picture underneath flowering trees?
    zijn er geen japanner in traditionel kleding. dan is het achievement om samen met deze mensen op de foto te staan!
    dus vooruit…
    of om je door een traditionele geisja te laten verwennen met zang ,dans en eten.

  2. ria Says:

    kunn je ook een bosai-kwekerij bezoeken?
    lijkt me ook een achievement.

  3. ria Says:

    gaan jullie nog slapen in zo’n la?
    weet je wel zo’n slaapplaats voor zakenlui?
    ook een achievement dat ik nog mis.

  4. Syb Says:

    A picture underneath a flowering pink tree is out of the question. We can not put our manly hood in danger.

    Sometimes we see traditionally clothed Japanese, although only women. Whenever a man is wearing traditional clothing it is because of a marriage.

    As for sleeping in a capsule, our first night in Tokyo will be in a capsule.