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Apr '11

Spring Sunday and Moving Monday

First of all, we’d like to let you know we are safe. The news will or is telling you about earthquakes in Japan and even one that would have hit Tokyo. However, what we felt in Tokyo was an earthquake with a magnitude less then 2.

Spring Sunday
Yesterday we went to the Harajuku district in Tokyo. This district is famous for the people that should be there on Sundays, wearing outfits of their favorite anime character or game character. We got this from the internet and so we took the JR-line to get there. It was not too far away.

When we got out of the train, we saw a street loaded with people. So we went in and since Marcel needed to find an ATM we tried to find one. Passing all kinds of shops (mostly cloths), we got to a supermarket. Marcel got his money, and while we were looking for the ATM we came to the conclusion this street was not something we were interested in. We got out again and followed a massive queue. It went to a park with a shrine. We walked through the park. Apparently, the biggest wooden shrine-gate was here.
We took our moments to recover from being struck by awe. Moving on, the weather was very nice and when we got out of the park the sun was really nice and warm.
Also we found another swarm of people heading to something. We followed this line, which led to a park filled with thousands of people. A lot of them were picnicking, others were jamming, others were dancing dressed like Elvis Presley. It is very much comparable with the freedom festivals we have in the Netherlands every 5th of may. Only this is every Sunday and no weed is involved.

It seemed we were not the only ones enjoying the weather. We took a few pictures before heading back out.
We didn’t find any weirdly dressed young people, apart from a badly dressed Pikachu.
After having had another walk around the shopping area in this district we went back to the hotel, took a little rest from the walking and hot trains before heading out for dinner.

We got back and went to sleep.
During the night we felt an earthquake hit. Marcel says it is comparable to the one we had earlier in the capsule hotel. It lasted only for a few seconds and we got back to sleep.

Moving Monday
This morning we would go to Mount Fuji, however the weather was not very clear and the mountain would not be open for hiking, at least, not for amateurs. So instead we would go to see yet another part of tokyo, with lovely cherry blossoms and a lot of shops. We took the train, only to find out it was a ride of about 20 seconds. We got out and started walking around. We saw a few arcade halls when we were on the train, so we walked in that direction. Visiting one or two shops on the way. Not much to tell you about.

When we were satisfied from the sight of this district and arrived back at the hotel, we decided to check out a Pokemon center in Tokyo. It was not far away, only 7 minutes by train. We arrived there, Marcel had his Nintendo DS with Pokemon Black with him, just in case a lot of people would be there with whom he could trade Pokemon. Unfortunately at this time the shop (it was actually a shop, not a real Pokemon Center), was not very crowded, apart from a few business men nobody was there to talk with.

We headed back to our hotel. When we were halfway from the station to the hotel another earthquake hit. We felt this one as well. It was like standing on a ship. The Japanese guy next to us had more problems with it. Maybe he was just exaggerating to add to the drama.
The weather also made a change, from sunny weather it went to rain and wind. We took another stroll around town before heading back to the hotel.
Back at the hotel another few earthquakes hit. There was even a tsunami warning for a few minutes. But that was lifted quickly after.

Thousands of people in a park. Seen a shopping area and felt a few earthquakes.


3 comments to “Spring Sunday and Moving Monday”

  1. ria Says:

    shocking this day.zeg hero’s geniet nog van de bevingen en wanneer komen jullie aan in the netherlands. is de vlucht nog volgens schema gepland of zijn er verschuivingen/
    gertjan en ik willen jullie graag komen ophalen van schiphol. ik begrijp dat jullie in de avond van vrijdag hier landen rond 19.40 uur.
    nu komen jullie toch wel tot het maken van foto’s met duizend japanners erop?

  2. Syb Says:

    Opgehaald worden zou heel fijn zijn. We hebben nog geen wijzigingen doorgekregen, dus houd die tijd maar aan. Mochten er nog wel verschuivingen plaatsvinden dan horen jullie dat.

  3. dad Says:

    YOU GUYS ARE ROCKING THE COUNTRY REALLY. Keep on moving and have lots of shaking fun. Mum is a little worried also, but you can look well after yourself. Otherwise consider buying an appropriate T-shirt for yourselves. Take care.