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Situation in Japan

We know a lot of friends and family are worried about us seeing what has happened in Japan on March 11th.
Since the day the earthquake hit we’ve been constantly checking the news, but also did research  outside of the (dutch) media.

After contacting several sources, we made the decision that Japan would be safe enough to visit, especially since we don’t get near the stricken areas.
(To sum things up: Even in the worst case scenario, you’re fine outside a 80KM zone from the Fukushima plant)

We understand that it’s hard to believe it’s safe, seeing what the media here tells us, but in an effort to calm things a bit down here is a link which explains the situation:


Luckily the news is also starting to cover some better news at the moment.


Of course we’ll keep paying attention to the news during our trip, but seeing the current developments we believe everything will be alright.


http://www.bousai.ne.jp/eng/ a map with an up to date list of radiation per region.

Natural background radiation is about 60 nGy/h.

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