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Things to do – Achievements

What is this I don't evenEat the most disgusting looking mealBothFailed!
We did find a meal that looked disgusting on every poster. However, we didn't get to taste it.
We love Pop'n Music!Play all the Pop'n Music Arcade'sMarcelSucceeded.
We got back, and Sybren saw to it Marcel did not skip any Pop'n Music arcade that caught his eye.
I choose you!Sleep in a capsuleBothSucceeded.
Yes, we survived a night in a capsule.
No real use, but awesome!Buy the weirdest thing from a vending machineBothFailed!
We did buy some, but not from an actual vending machine.
Right at ya!Go on pictures with at least 50 JapaneseBothFailed!
Knock Knock! Knock on the door and run away from at least 3 famous company HQ'sSybrenFailed!
Sucks, but impossible to make this look like any fun, without getting arrested.
For your own Sake!Order sake and check if it has been exposed to radiation. BothSucceeded!
We bought some sake and made some picuters with the geigercounter
Rising Star!Karaoke!BothSucceeded!
Too hot to handle!Eat a (tea)spoon full of wasabiBothSucceeded!
Metro Stowage!Get stowed into a Metro that is already full in the eyes western people.BothSucceeded!
Bear of Beer!Drink 10 different kinds of Japanese beer and declare a winner.BothWinner: Sapporo as a japanese beer.

Tasted: Asahi Super Dry, Asahi classic, Kirin classic, Sapporo, Kirin Draught, Asahi Draught and some weird import beers ad a beer bar.
Like a Boss!Drink a hot Boss silky black and a cold Boss silky black. Including Boss Rainbow mix.BothSucceeded!
Sybren: Silky&Black Cold, Rainbow Mix, Hot Silky Black; Completed

Marcel: Silky&Black Cold, Raindbow Mix, Hot Silky Black; Completed!
Eye no Inglish!Find 10 or more misspelled english words.BothSucceeded!
I haven't count them, but I am guessing it is just over 10.
Eye no Inglish ferry goat!Find 100 or more misspelled english words. BothFailed
Where is Waldo, I mean Sybren/Marcel?Get on a picture with over 100 Japanese people, so people at home can enjoy searching.BothSucceeded!
Where is Sybren - Completed

Where is Marcel -
Directions are for morons!Get to your destination without taking a wrong turn or ask someone for directions. BothSucceeded!
We found our destinations today (28-3-2011) without having to ask directions at all.
Is that peace jamming my ear drums?Ring the bell of peace in Hiroshima peace-park.BothSucceeded!
We both rang the bell of peace in Hiroshima Peace Park
I feel cranetastic!Fold a piece of paper into a crane and hang it at the childeren's monument in Hiroshima.BothSuceeded!
Sybren - Completed
Marcel - Completed
Would you like ice with that?Find and taste the weirdest ice-cream flavourBothFailed!
The weirdest taste we found was Lavender. But, they didn't actually serve it anymore.


3 comments to “Things to do – Achievements”

  1. Sam Says:

    Ha! vette lijst heren. Genieten van de verhalen btw

  2. Heleen Says:

    Haha geweldig, zou je knock knock wel kunnen filmen voor me? ^^

  3. ria Says:

    ik zou willen toevoegen , fotografeer de bloesem met jullie eronder!

    edit: Zodra we bloesem zien. Waarschijnlijk hebben we meer kans in Osaka.